Radha Peppermint Oil

Radha Peppermint Oil
PEPPERMINT OIL - BIG 4 Oz - 100% PURE & NATURAL ESSENTIAL OIL THERAPEUTIC GRADE- PREMIUM QUALITY OIL - Best home remedy for Headaches, Migraines -Perfect for your Home Fragrance Accessories, and more!
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Radha Peppermint Oil is a pure, therapeutic-grade peppermint oil made from Mentha Piperita, and is timeless in it's uses, and has many yet-to be discovered benefits
It has so many wonderful uses, be sure to read our ebook on uses and benefits once you purchase! (sent to your email)

*Here are some of the amazing benefits
• Great for headache & migraine.
• Great for aromatherapy.
• Great for many house cleaning uses.
Here are some of the amazing uses
• Great massage oil that can be mixed with other essential oils such as Lavender and Tea Tree oil.
• - If you suffer from pain, Radha Peppermint Oil is know to soothe your ailments. After a long day of work, massage a few drops of Peppermint Oil on the problem area to find instant relief.
• Peppermint oil is refreshing and invigorating to inhale for relaxation after a long day. Just add a few drops into your oil diffuser & breathe in the calming & natural scent to find instant serenity.
My Review
I've just been getting into essential oils and I was a bit skeptical about this one just because it's in such a big bottle. The other essential oils I have are in tiny bottles, so I thought maybe this oil wasn't an essential oil. But let me tell you I was wrong! This is a very good essential oil, and I do love the fact that it comes in a large bottle because I've been using it every day. And you don't need much so this will last you for a while.

I've been researching on uses for peppermint oil and it's a very good and effective bug repellent! We just moved into a house and there are so many water bugs here! We use to live in a upstairs apartment so we never worried about or seen any types for bugs, so when we seen that there are so many here and they sometimes get inside the house we immediately tried getting rid of them. We used a bug spray but that did nothing at all! So we were trying to figure out what we can do to keep these bugs out of and around the house! So I read that peppermint essential oil is great for repelling bugs, spiders, ants and mice, which we did have a mouse problem as well. So when I received my peppermint oil I put about 4 or 5 drops along my door outside, I spread it along the seam with a cotton ball and then moved on to the front door and did the same process. Now for mice it says to add some drops of the oil to a cotton ball and then place the cotton ball in the places were you think the mouse might be coming in at. So for me I put some cotton balls in my cabinets and behind my stove and so on. You have to keep doing the process about once a week because the peppermint oil wont be as potent. I can't believe it actually works!! I was shocked when I woke up and didn't see any of those water bugs in my kitchen and outside! So from my experience it really does work and it works well.

There are tons of recipes and things you can use peppermint oil for, but for me this is what I've been doing with it at the moment. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves essential oils or for anyone who is just started to get into essential oils like myself. Peppermint oil is a great oil to have in your collection.
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*I received this product free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review*


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