MaxBoost Hybrid iPhone 4s Batter Case

MaxBoost Hybrid iPhone 4s Batter Case

Maxboost Hybrid is a powerful iPhone 4/4S battery case with a 2-piece detachable design, that provides great convenience as well as doubling the battery life for your iPhone. This iPhone 4/4S battery case is made up by a lightweight snap-on case for protection purpose and an optional detachable extended battery pack for boosting the battery. Color is the key Batteries are available in matte black or glossy white finishing, while the snap-on cases come in a variety of attractive colors including blue, red, pink, grey, black, yellow, white, or purple, making a total of 16 charming color combinations. Doubling the Battery Life The Maxcboost Hybrid includes a detachable battery pack with a maximum capacity 1900mAh battery, which is enough to double the battery life of your iPhone 4 or 4S. The extended battery has fully functional set of features including an on/off power, remaining power indicators, capability of charge or sync without taking of the case. Specifications Battery Material: Lithium Polymer Capacity: 1900mah Input: 5V-1A Output: 5V-1A Life Cycles: >500 Cycles Case Material: ABS Hard Shell Plastic Box Content 1 x Detachable iPhone 4/4S Battery Case (Pack) ¨C Matte Black or Glossy White Finish 1 x Ultra Slim Protective Snap Case ¨C One of 8 colors. 1 x Micro USB cable 1 x Detailed Operation Manual
My Review
I love this case! My son plays on my phone a lot and it's always dying! I was so happy when I received this case because it's perfect for life so I charged it up as directed and slid my phone onto it and it gave me 50% more battery life! It's perfect for when we are out and my son gets fussy and wants to play with my phone. And I know that my phone isn't going to die so fast, in case of emergencies. The best case I've ever put on my phone, and it's really sturdy and excellent quality! Thanks Maxboost!
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