ANAITI Luminous Serum

ANAITI Luminous Serum
Skin naturally thins, loses moisture and slows in cell growth and repair as it ages. These processes are compounded by exposure to harsh elements, and over time, skin has difficulty in overcoming these blows. Anaiti's Luminous Vitamin C Serum helps protect against this damage. Its all-in-one formula includes Vitamin C and Niacinamide to reduce and inhibit pigmentation and Renovage to help cells repair damage, improve firmness and elasticity and reduce redness. It also contains a peptide that offers new hope for dermatologist skin care, Matrixyl. Matrixyl penetrates upper layers of skin, going beneath to spur the collagen that repairs tissue and reduces wrinkle depth. Users of this potent moisturizer for men and anti-aging skin care product for women report visible improvements, 100% of them reporting that the serum brightens the skin and evens the skin tone and texture. Sixty percent felt their skin was more hydrated, lifted and smoother.
My Review
I love trying new skin care product especially ones that are targeted towards dark spot removal, some have worked in the past and some have not. But this one truly does work and it works a lot faster then any I've tried before!
Let me tell you a bit about my skin, I have really dry, flaky uneven skin with occasional breakouts. I have some acne scars on my face that have gotten darker over time due to being in the sun without sunscreen. If you do have acne scars or age spots and you use this product or any other "dark spot serum" it's very important that you wear sunscreen everyday after applying these types of serums. You should wear sunscreen everyday anyway but at times I forget too, but especially with products like these because your skin is a lot more vulnerable to the suns harsh rays with skin lightening products. So if you want results with this serum be sure to wear a sunscreen after applying.
Overall this serum is amazing, I have had no problems with skin irritation while using this. I also apply makeup over it and my foundation goes on beautifully!
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*I received this product from ANAITI for testing and reviewing purposes, all opinions are my own!*


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