Copperside Kinesio Recovery Tape

Copperside Kinesio Recovery Tape
EFFECTIVE PAIN RELIEF: Struggling from painful injuries? This athletic tape accelerates your recovery and relieves your pain, even better than commonly used drugs. How? With its neurological and physical mechanisms, it targets the root cause of the problem and gives you the relief you need!
  • BEST COMBINATION OF CONVENIENCE AND COMFORT: This clever designed kinesiology tape is designed by experts to provide you with ease of movement as well as a comfortable feeling. While most athletic tapes feel awkward to wear, this one works and feels like a "second skin".
  • PREMIUM QUALITY FOR YOUR SATISFACTION: Our tapes aren't only made upon the highest standards. These kinesiology tapes come in 3 packages (1-pack, 2 -pack, 6-pack) and each one of them has 11 different color variations. Choose the best one to match your looks and satisfy your needs!
  • RECOVER FASTER FROM INJURIES: This groundbreaking kinesiology tape can boost your performance and significantly increase your chances to overcome an injury faster than expected! It reduces pressure and inflammation in the affected area and improves blood circulation!
    My Review
    I've never heard of this tape before, so I did some research and this tape amazing for anyone who plays sports or just has daily body aches and pains. I knew I wanted to get this tape for my mom because she struggles daily with back and knee pain. Her lower back hurts her everyday but some days it actually swells up! This tape is said to reduce swelling so the day I received it her back was already flared and swollen really bad so I showed her the tape and told her how it works and so on.
    She was excited to try it so I cleaned the area of her back with some alcohol and let it dry, I applied the tape horizontally to her back on the swollen area. I also applied a piece of the tape to her knee as well since she broke it a few years back and it never really healed properly since she did not know it was broken.
    She left the tape on all day and she said that it helped tremendously!
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    *I received this product free in exchange for my honest review.*

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