US Art Supply Wood Table Box Easel Painting Set

US Art Supply Wood Table Box Easel Painting Set
Features & Specififcations
- Table Box Easel with drawer
- 3-9"x12" Canvas Panels
- 12 Piece 12ml Acrylic Paint Tubes
- 16-Well Plastic Palette
- 4-Brushes (#2,#4,#6,#8)
- HB Pencil
- Plastic Palette Knife
Easel Size: 13 3/8" Wide x 10 1/4" Deep x 2" High
My Review
This is the perfect painting kit for me! I'm not advanced in painting by no means so with that being said I think this kit is perfect for beginners. When opening the box it comes in, you will find a pack of 3 9"x12" canvas panels and then you will see the beautiful table easel with a drawer. The easel has 5 different angles you can put it at. So I really love that feature. It also has a drawer that houses the 4 paint brushes, 12 well palette, pencil, palette knife, and 12 acrylic paint tubes.
I see a lot of reviews saying that they love the kit but the drawer is really hard to pull out, which it is when you first get the kit and the reason why it is hard to pull out is because the 12 acrylic paint tubes are packaged nicely inside a plastic casing, but once you take your paint tubes out of it then the drawer will open and close perfectly.
Now some features about this kit that I really appreciate is that it comes with a handle so it's very easy to carry and travel with. The easel part of the kit has a latch so that when you are carrying this it won't fly open. There is also a set of latches that keeps the drawer closed.
Overall this is a great all in one kit at the right price!
You can purchase this art set Here
*I received this product free in exchange for my honest review.*


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